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Virtual Muzey

Mirza Alakbar Sabir Virtual Museum

Online museum has a large source of information and archive about Azerbaijani poet including unique photos, documents. It also incorporates 360° Virtual home museum located in Shemakhy, Azerbaijan. The souce is available in Azerbaijani, English & Russian.

Hophopname Audio website

Audio source

The project created in 2019 aimed to record audio versions of the  verses in "Hophopname" and to present as a free public audio source. Narrators were chosen among youth from all ages and professions to promote the cultural heritage in all society.

Sabir Fondu

Mirza Alakbar Sabir Foundation 

Foundation named after Azerbaijani poet Mirza Alakbar Sabir created to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of society, to study and promote Sabir's legacy, poetry, literary values especially among young people.

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